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The year was 2018. Donald Trump was the President. The streets and highways of Atlanta, Georgia were bustling and bursting at the seams. So was the bubble holding the rest of my patience. In between the traffic, seeing patients Monday through Friday from 8-5, trying to eat healthy and workout at least 90 minutes weekly, feeling stifled in my career, and stressing about student loan repayments, my bubble was about to burst. GRIND CULTURE was getting to me--like so many others. Most recently, we have seen NFL Star Antonio Brown's bubble burst on the field. We don't actually know what caused #antoniobrown to take off his jersey and walk off the field. However, he wanted the world to see that he had had enough.

Writing has always helped me decompress. I had not prioritized my writing as I tried to balance so many other things. Deep down, I knew I needed to get back to it. So I started to express my frustrations in the digital space. Sitting in traffic provided the perfect place for me to think and write. Thank God the hands-free law hadn’t been enacted. The longer my car sat still on the roads, the busier my fingers made themselves. I wrote about my frustrations in the notes app—the same app that I’m using to write this blog post. I took advantage of the diction feature also. After a few months, I had created enough chapters for a book and work as a Family Medicine Physician had become ridiculously stressful. I wanted to get into telemedicine, but I was told that I couldn't get into that position with my particular employer because of I was a "Float." I eventually left that job which was negatively affecting my mental health, and published the chapters. The title opened countless doors for me. To this day, I’m so happy that I wrote F*CK THIS JOB: The Art of Transition.

This book has evolved into an enterprise here at FUCKTHISJOB.ORG

Much Gratitude for your continued support!

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